What is RemeDAO

RemeDAO is a combination of 3 awesome things in Crypto World: Rebase system + Meme token + DAO.
  • Rebase system: Simply BUY-HODL-EARN, users can enjoy upto 368,296.57% APY.
  • Meme token: Every 24 hours, the system will automatically buy the meme token that get most votes by hodlers and distribute to all $RMD hodlers. Just join 1 time and get free meme tokens everyday.
  • DAO: Everyday, users can propose, vote for their favorite meme tokens. The most vote token will be bought and distributed automatically by the RemeDAO system right after the voting end.
  • Anti-whales system: The maximum selling per day is 1%-5% of token, so the chart will be very heathy and the real hodlers can get their maximum return.
The dev team will try to develop the best ecosystems for users, but investing is a risk action so you should invest with the money you can lost!
Last modified 1yr ago