What is Meme tokens?
In crypto industry, meme tokens have an important role to keep the market roll and roll quickly. Players usually invest $10 - $1000 USDT to be on board to the moon. Some players have changed their position just by investing meme tokens.
What is DAO?
DAO is shorten form of Decentralize Autonomous Organiztion. It uses NFTs or tokens to grant the voting powers. The more tokens users have, the more voting power they have.
What is MemeDAO in this project?
  • For every 24 hours, the system will use 5% of trading volume to buy a meme token and then quota distribute to all hodlers.
  • For the token choosing, the system will apply the DAO governance. The most vote token will be choosed and buy automatically and then immediatelly distribute to all hodlers.
  • Remember to join the Governance and propose your favorite meme token to be choosed!
Just by joining RemeDAO, hodlers can get free meme token every 24 hours and this could be huge and change people life in the future.
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